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Our Services

Practical & Emotional Support     We help individuals with cancer coping with problems in operations & treatments, emotions and life changes through offering friendship, hospital visits and counselling.

Interpreting Service     We provide interpreting service for hospital/GP appointments to cancer patients who have language barrier; we also help them with managing personal medical records for better follow-up.

Monthly Cancer Support Group (MCSG)     is run on a regular basis for individuals affected by cancer to meet others in similar life situations during which they might feel isolating. At MCSG, you can share your concerns and experiences, access cancer care information and seek support (More).

Weekly Meeting at London Maggie’s Centre     offers a calming, warm and safe space for people affected by cancer to share ideas on how to handle difficult issues and seek information and support (More).

Regional cancer support groups     We aim to establish support groups in regions across the UK in order to reach more cancer patients locally.  Such events also give you the opportunities to share and use your experiences to support others.

Working alongside NHS & other cancer support organisations     Our team constantly attend NHS focus group meetings regarding health/cancer care. We  aim to  express the needs and concerns of cancer patients especially those of Chinese ethnic background and help with improving current health care services. On the other hand, we are dedicated in working jointly with and seeking support from well-established cancer support organisations such as Macmillan Cancer Support, Maggie’s and Cancer Research UK.