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About Us

What we do

When you have cancer, your world is turned upside down and you worry about how cancer can affect everything一 your body, your life and, your loved ones.  It is even more daunting when you lack a support network in the UK and language is a problem.  In light of that, we want to journey with you, for we believe:

‘No one should face cancer alone regardless of ethnic origin, gender and age’

The acronym of Chinese Association for Cancer Care, ‘CACACA’, resembles the sound of laughter and our motto is “Sunshine after Rain, Healthy Life Regained” It is our mission to reach people, like you, who are affected by cancers giving support, strength and inspiration.  We will help you make choices you need to get back on your feet and enjoy life with hope and laughter again.

Who we are
We are a group of volunteers, professionals and cancer survivors who come together to care for people living with cancers. We understand the struggles of cancer patients, especially those of ethnic minority to whom cultural difference and language barrier are main issues.

Chinese Association for Cancer Care (CACACA), the first of its kind, is a registered charity founded in June 2013, acting as a source of practical and emotional support for cancer patients primarily, but not exclusively, of Chinese ethnic background.  Motivated by our Christian faith, we are committed to journey with cancer patients to cope with the disease and share with them God’s love,  grace and peace.